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We realize the sooner you can schedule an appointment, the sooner we can help you feel better. CPS works to secure your time with Dr. Amr at the very earliest opportunity…usually within 5-10 days of your call.

Have your medical history, case history, applicable x-rays or MRI's and insurance information readily available will enable us to get you into see the physician as soon as possible.

Columbus Pain Specialist Medical Services

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Dr. Amr specializes in pain management by relieving your pain through a variety of different interventional techniques, procedures and clinical approaches. He will invest time and care with you to completely understand your injury or condition and develop a personalized treatment plan to get you moving faster.

These are just a few of the services Dr. Amr offers:

Columbus Pain Specialist Staff

Meet the Staff: Dr. Khaled Amr

Columbus Pain Specialists is a team of committed health professionals whose only goal is help you get back to living life pain-free..

Dr, Khaled Amr